#5 Embodying Your Purpose With Petia Kolibova

In this week's episode:

Episode Show Notes

In today’s episode, I’m joined by Women’s Alignment Coach, Petia Kolibova, who shares what it means to truly embody and live in alignment with your soul’s purpose. We dive into what purpose means to her, how uncovering your purpose can help you break generational patterns, why purpose is so much more than just a job or career, plus tips to help you start on the path to uncovering your soul’s purpose & live life on your own terms!

We chat about:

  • How to uncover and embody your soul’s purpose
  • What it really means to live in alignment
  • Why people are so disconnected from their purpose these days
  • Overcoming the fear of failure and judgment
  • Why hiring a coach or mentor is so powerful
  • Breaking generational patterns and cycles
  • Why purpose is so much more than your job or career
  • Tips for how to start uncovering your soul’s purpose & live life on your own terms

About the Show

Welcome to The Inner Sunshine Podcast! I’m your host, Stephanie Weber and I’m a Holistic Transformation Coach, Meditation Facilitator, and Sound Healer! This podcast is designed to help you along your journey to uncovering your purpose and creating a soul-aligned life that you LOVE! Each week, we’ll deep dive into various tools, practices, and mindset shifts to help you embody your most authentic self, live mindfully, cultivate abundance, and shine your light from the inside out! If you're looking to connect further, join my community on Instagram! You can find me at @HeyStephanieWeber 


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